Light divides into the colours of the spectrum. Similarly energy can exist and serve us in several forms - we call this ENERGYSPECTRUM.

ENERGYSPECTRUM provides comprehensive and diverse energy performance of buildings related professional services to companies, organisations and private households.

ENERGYSPECTRUM operates in Southern and South-Western Finland. Elsewhere upon agreement.

ENERGYSPECTRUM supplements your resources and skills within the following areas:

Survey and comparison of the alternative energy solutions

Energy sources
Distribution networks
Devices, systems, and structures
Control methods
Heating, ventilation, cooling, air conditioning
Electricity, lighting, hot water
Comparative calculations

Energy project management

Survey of alternative suppliers
Tender competitions
Delivery control
Contacts with authorities

Improvement of energy performance

Current solutions and practices
Survey of alternative solutions and evaluation of effectiveness
Cost estimates
Evaluation of CO2-emissions
Comparison of alternatives

Energy certificates for buildings

Calculations related to certificates
Basic level energy certificates

Development projects

Collecting energy performance data

Ways of working

Own space and resources
Client’s space and resources
Combination of both


Fixed or time based charging with mutual contract
Charging based on measurable result
Combination of both

I’m offering energy expertise, smooth service and optimized solutions to improve energy performance as well as extensive professional extensive professional experience.

I also offer high-quality pre-studies and tender competition as well as monitoring of the project implementation. I work as a specialist resource in various situations.